30 herramientas de Twitter para los negocios

herramientas de Twitter para los negocios


¿Que herramientas profesionales le permiten utilizar Twitter desde la
empresa y de la mejor manera posible


De esta manera, puede encontrar las herramientas y aplicaciones mas utiles.
No obstante, existenvaliosas aplicaciones para empresas y profesionales que
deben distinguirse por el uso o prestacion que dan. En algunos casos son
gratuitos y en otros no.

Clientes de Twitter
Mucha gente utiliza la pagina principal de Twitter para comunicarse, de hecho,
yo mismo lo hago a veces. Pero si se trata de darle un uso mas profesional a
Twitter, entonces debemos si o si volvarnos a un cliente avanzado que nos
permita realizar algunas operaciones de manera mas sencilla y profesional.

  • TweetDeck,
    es quizas el cliente de Twitter mejor desarrollado dentro de la plataforma
    de Adobe Air. Soporta busquedas, grupos, listas, y cuentas multiples.
  • SeesMic
    es basicamente como TweetDeck pero con menos errores y una interfase mas
  • Statuzer
    es similar a la anterior, pero con el añadido soporte multimedia

Clientes de Twitter
basados en Web y CMS

Even with a desktop client like one of the above working in teams is difficult.
Web based tools offer even more features for teams and companies

  • HootSuite,
    a web basada en Twitter CMS para empresas
  • coTweet
    (Twitter CRM?) – coTweet esta enmarcada
    dentro de las aplicaciones de CRM para Twitter pero sus habilidades como
    CRM son muy basicas
  • Twaitter
    permite cuentas de equipo, tweets programados e integración RSS etc.
  • Tweetvisor
    posee una interfase terriblemente desordenada pero es un cliente de
    Twitter muy potente

CRM/Social CRM/TRM (Twitter Relationship Management)
In case you are serious about business you most probably use some kind of CRM
tools for customer relationship management. Both CRM software makers and new
kids on the block attempt to harness Twitter conversations to get more leads
and organize a better customer service. CRM solutions supporting Twitter are
still rare though. At least one, Axopt already disappeared.

Twitter Directories
One of the most common questions people new to Twitter ask is: Who to follow on
Twitter? In order to some quick overview of who might be the right person to
follow in your industry or niche you should check out Twitter directories like

  • Twellow – Twitter “Yellow Pages”, one
    of the oldest and most reputable Twitter user directories
  • JustTweetIt is a clean and web directory
    with many users, some of which I recognize. The top result for
    Dev Basu is a well known local SEO expert.
  • Geofollow – Location based Twitter
    directory covering the whole planet
  • Twibes is not really a
    directory it’s rather a collection of Twitter groups based on interests


Twitter has only ver basic features, even Twitter clients offer only a few
more. there are literally thousands of tools that enhance Twitter in one way or
another. here I can mention only some notable among them that are ideyll suited
for busines people.

  • TwitterLocal allows you to address local
    audiences via Twitter, ideal for small businesses
  • Social Oomph (formerly Tweet Later) is a
    tool with multiple features, some of clients some of extra tools,
    scheduling and automating tweets are just two of them
  • Twaitter is like Social Oomph but with
    less features which doesn’t mean it’s less useful
  • PingFM
    allows to submit links to Twitter, Facebook and numerous other services at
  • PeopleBrowsr is a very powerful suite of
    tools for
    creating and
    addressing groups
    and beyond

Twitter Search and
Monitoring Tools

Twitter users produce huge amounts of data you impossibly can be digest or
overview as a human being. Even your followers tweets are too much in most
cases. search and monitoring tools make sure that you don’t miss something

  • Topsy
    finds and sorts most of your brand’s mentions, tweets and links
  • Yahoo Sideline is a Adobe Air based desktop
    search tool for Twitter.
    It also displays current trends
  • Twilert – Like Google Alerts for
    Twitter mentions, catches most of them
  • TweetBeep – Similar to Twilert but less
    reliable. Good to find additional mentions Twilert overlooks but not
    enough on it’s own
  • Radian6 – This is an advanced social
    media analytics suite with some
    Twitter tools also useful for CRM
  • Twitturly – shows the most popular
    Twitter links in a social news like interface
  • Tweetreach – Find out who really is your
    friend, or at least who spread your message the most

Blog Tools
Being on Twitter is good for business but integrating it into your website or
rather blog is even better. Many tools attempt to do that but only a few of
them are good enough for business users.

  • Twittercounter – A Feedburner like counter
    showing you the number of Twitter followers, SEOptimise uses one
  • BackType Plugins allow you a seamless Twitter integration into your blog
  • Twitter Tools by Alex King allows almost complete
    Twitter integration into your WordPress blog

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